The Oscars for Museums

The LCD Awards celebrate the vibrancy and vitality of museums around the world, which are changing fast. Today cultural destinations are not only for art experiences and education; they have become social hubs for visitors to spend time, dine, shop, work and even sleep!



New for this year is the inaugural ‘Climate Smart’ Award which will recognise a museum or large scale public art project that has made a significant educational contribution to the fight against climate change. This award will be determined by a specially selected jury led by Professor Geoffrey Lipman, former President of WTTC and Co-founder SUNx and long-time travel industry leader Dr Tom Selanniemi, director of the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia; alongside a team of experts.


Culture, now more than ever, is an integral part of our lifestyle. The LCD Awards aim to shine a light on the most exceptional contributions to cultural life that museums and similar institutions have to offer, and to showcase emerging destinations of equal significance.

How it works

1The Selection

The judging process for The Leading Culture Destinations Awards is carefully crafted to benefit from the informed opinion and deep insider knowledge of thought leaders and cultural innovators – people whose lives don’t separate business and pleasure, who travel widely and who are at the forefront of initiative in the cultural sector.

Our shortlist is drawn up from the nominations of the 80-plus Ambassadors, our own exhaustive research, the recommendations of the world’s leading cultural planning consultancy Lord Cultural Resources, and the choices of our Select Jury. Once the shortlist is refined to three institutions per category, the Jury casts its final vote to declare the winner in each category.

2The LCD Awards Categories

The LCD Awards celebrate the best exhibition programming, the best museum architecture and the best digital, dining and shopping experiences. Recent openings are recognised in each geo-political region of the globe, and there is a special ‘Soft Power Destinations’ segment with accolades for the institutions that have contributed most to the developing sphere of urban governance by influence and persuasion. Museums and cities have never been so interdependent. Finally, our Travellers’ Awards recognise the most stimulating and imaginative city for the cultural nomad to visit, and the best ‘Art Hotel’ experience worldwide.

3Ceremony & Announcement

The winners will be officially announced at the Awards ceremony held in London on Friday the 29th September 2017, where the category winners each receive their trophy designed by United Visual Artists.


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